Culture of the kitchen

Gallery Rajko Mamuzića, Novi Sad, May 26th


The book "Food Healthy, Fine Food (Without Gluten and Casein)", author Jasenka Lazic, is a modern cookbook which presents 70 richly illustrated recipes that do not contain sugar, meat, gluten or casein, milk protein.The book contains ten completely new recipes for preparing bread. On the promotion of book spoke Dimitrije Vujadinović. more »

Mills and millers

Exhibition in preparation



Exhibition Mills and millers, drawings and documents by Milutin Dedic and Dimitrije Vujadinovića will held in the famous House of Djura Jaksic gallery in the city center of Belgrade in September. . more »

Documentary - Cipovka

RT of the Vojvodina produced a documentary about Vojvodina`s intangible heritage - Bread smiles at the Moon. The film was screened at the Festival etnografksog film in Italy, where he was very well received. The film will be shown at other international ethnological festivals. You can see the doc..

Tradition continues

Shakespeare Festival, Cortanovci from June 30 to July 5

Cooperation with the Shakespeare Festival has also been successful continued this year. Before each performance, the director of the festival, Nikita Milivojevic and Dimitrije Vujadinovic, together with the actors of the performance, was breaking the traditional Serbian bread (pogaca). It is a symbol of a warm welcome and a wish for a successful performance. . more »

Presentation of the book - Cipovka bread

City library - Novi Sad, May 16


Baker & Confectioner

Baker & Confectioner is magazine with aim to inform, educate and connect all stakeholders in this segment of the economy - mills, small family bakeries and confectioneries, large industrial manufacturers of breads, pastries, cakes and all the necessary ingredients in bakery and confectionery.Dimitrije Vujadinović is a permanent contributor to the magazine and writes about the history and culture of bread..

Le Cipovka

Notre ami serbe, Dimitrije Vujadinović a le plaisir et le joie de nous informer que, sur sa proposition, la Commission nationale du patrimoine culturel immatériel de Serbie a déclaré la  fabrication du pain traditionnel de la province de Voïvodine, le Cipovka, patrimoine culturel national. more »

Great New Year's news

Velika novogodišnja vest

National Commissions for intangible cultural heritage has accepted the skills of making traditional Vojvodina bread - Cipovka, as  intangible heritage. 

Nacionalna komisija za nematerijalno  културно  nasleđe prihvatila je umeće pravljenja  tradicionalnog vojvođanskog hleba - cipovke, . more »

Presentation of the bread - Cipovka

Petar Kocic Library, Belgrade, November 04

About his experiences in the making of bread and special characteristics of the bread - Cipovka spoke Bogdan Ibrajter, publicist, editor Jovo Vukelić and Dimitrije Vujadinović author of the book - Cipovka. . more »

Pogaca and naan

On the occasion of Gandhi's birthday and the International Day of Non-Violence commemorative events held in front of the monument of Gandhi in Belgrade at 15 October . The event was attended by Jitendra Singh, Minister of State in the Government of India and Smt.Nirander Chauhan, the Ambassador of India. . more »

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