The Award for Creativity

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)


In the category for an author for a monographic work/study exhibition with a catalog in the field of social and humanistic sciences, went to Mr. Dimitrije Vujadinović, for the publication entitled: "BREAD IN PROVERBS AND SAYINGS OF THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD

 Explanation of the award

The publication Bread in proverbs and sayings of the peoples of the world by Dimitrije Vujadinović presents a kind of anthropological history of bread. Bread is one of the rare forms of culture that unites the prehistoric and modern world, and as such it is certainly a constant on which civilization rests. Therefore, this kind of journalistic significant contribution, behind which there is a great, "wolfish" collecting work, is of essential importance for the understanding of man and his survival in the world.  . more »

Bread in Proverbs and Sayings of the Peoples of the World

NEW BOOK - Author, Dimitrije Vujadinovic


The publication Bread in Proverbs and Sayings of the Peoples of the World contains more than a thousand simple folk tales in a short form. Certainly there are countless more of this selectin. This is just one choice. I believe it is striking enough to show the expressed lived experience using bread not only as food, but also as a symbol and metaphor.

During the selection process, I tried to make sure that most of the proverbs and sayings carry temporal universality and thus be instructive for today's generations as well. But, in order to evoke some forgotten time, I also kept some older proverbs and sayings, which may be more difficult for the modern reader to understand. . more »


Museum of Vojvodina, August 10


Dimitrije Vujadinović gave a lecture on the history of traditional bread in Vojvodina - cipovka. At the end of the lecture, the attendees had the opportunity to try an old specialty - bread, fat, salt and ground red peppers. The audience was very interested in the lecture, and especially in the specialty. more »

MILUTIN DEDIĆ (1935-2021), Heavenly guardian of heritage

Drawing exhibition, Prometheus gallery, Novi Sad, June


The exhibition was organized by Dimitrije Vujadinović. The voluminous travelogues of Milutin Dedić record stories about the world of mills and millers in Serbia, about a life in which the real and the unreal intertwine for centuries. With his sharp pen and lucid notes, he carved forgotten streams and their owners into paper. He is not a mere draftsman of wooden and stone flour houses. Dedić is looking for the metaphysical in the landscape of "mysterious forces" and in the faces of "fairy favorites but also eternal fighters with vampires". . more »

'In the beginning was the Word“

New project - call for cooperation


The topic is not only the root of the name bread, but  also a certain narrative connected to the tradition and usage of the word bread. We would be very grateful if you could help to find such narratives from your culture and send that to us for include in the book. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. MORE . more »

Le Cipovka, déclaré patrimoine culturel immatériel de Serbie

Journal des chiens blancs n°142


Notre ami serbe, Dimitrije Vujadinović a le plaisir et le joie de nous informer que, sur sa proposition, la Commission nationale du patrimoine culturel immatériel de Serbie a déclaré la  fabrication du pain traditionnel de la province de Voïvodine, le Cipovka,  patrimoine culturel national. 

Laurent Bourcier Picard la Fidélité, C.P.R.F.A.D. more »

Christmas bread - BOŽIĆNJAK

Documentary (English subtitles), 2021



The Christmas Bread Božićnjak, was created by Bunjevci, a small ethnic group living in the north of Serbia in the agricultural region of Vojvodina. Symbolic figures are shown on the bread - Saint Joseph, Mary and little Jesus are placed there first, and then around the agricultural animals  are arranged. . more »

ATLAS Bread Museums in Europe

New edition


fThat the electronic edition of the Atlas Bread Museums in Europe has been updated (September 16) with data on ten more museums. The ATLAS is based on key information collected among 92 museums throughout Europe exhibiting a large scale of items related to bread and baking. The Atlas takes us from museum to museum in a very appropriate way, presenting the history and modernity of the "staff of life". . more »

From field to bread

Subotica, August 14


An exhibition called "From Field to Bread" was held in the City Hall in Subotica. The selection of the most beautiful bread made from new grain was also held. About twenty exhibitors competed. Dimitrije Vujadinović spoke about the history and culture of bread. . more »


Exhibition in Novi Sad, May 31 to June 28


 A large exhibition of ritual bread has been set up in the representative gallery of the Prometheus Publishing House. The exhibition contains more than 100 types of Ritual bread  presented on 24 panels with photographs and narratives, including 12 ritual breads. The exhibition is part of the program Novi Sad, the Cultural Capital of Europe 2022. . more »

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