The Award for Creativity

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)


Dimitrije Vujadinovic with the Director of the Intellectual Property Office of Serbia Vladimir Maric and Silvija Trpovski IP WIPOIn the category for an author for a monographic work/study exhibition with a catalog in the field of social and humanistic sciences, went to Mr. Dimitrije Vujadinović, for the publication entitled: "BREAD IN PROVERBS AND SAYINGS OF THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD

 Explanation of the award

The publication Bread in proverbs and sayings of the peoples of the world by Dimitrije Vujadinović presents a kind of anthropological history of bread. Bread is one of the rare forms of culture that unites the prehistoric and modern world, and as such it is certainly a constant on which civilization rests. Therefore, this kind of journalistic significant contribution, behind which there is a great, "wolfish" collecting work, is of essential importance for the understanding of man and his survival in the world.  .The author has collected more than a thousand concise anthropological thoughts dedicated to bread, which in laconic terms sum up centuries-old folk wisdom and the feeling of symbiosis of life and bread. In this way, through bread, the book talks about man himself and his struggle to preserve harmony with nature and incorporate bread into culture as a basic fact of life. Bread thus appears not only as food but also as a symbol and metaphor. All these sayings call for thought, raise awareness of the importance of bread because they contain a universality that gives even the current generations a lesson about the importance of things like bread that are so present in everyday life that we almost don't notice them. This book deserved the award as a kind of tribute to the bread that has sustained and defended life throughout the millennia. Despite this, there are not many books about the importance and meaning of bread, and both publications bridge that gap in the best way. .