Bread in Proverbs and Sayings of the Peoples of the World

NEW BOOK - Author, Dimitrije Vujadinovic

 The publication Bread in Proverbs and Sayings of the Peoples of the World contains more than a thousand simple folk tales in a short form. Certainly there are countless more of this wisdom. This is just one choice. I believe it is striking enough to show the expressed lived experience using bread not only as food, but also as a symbol and metaphor. During the selection process, I tried to make sure that most of the proverbs and sayings carry temporal universality and thus be instructive for today's generations as well. But, in order to evoke some forgotten time, I also kept some older proverbs and sayings, which may be more difficult for the modern reader to understand. .more »

Atlas - Bread Museums in Europe & Beyond

European houses of bread

When speaking of food, there is no doubt that bread is the staple on most tables in the world. Nevertheless, we know so little about it: its symbolism and its ethnological meaning, the ways bread is affected by culture and religion, kinds of bread, ways of making it and, generally speaking, the significance of bread in our everyday and spiritual lives.more »


Author Dimitrije Vujadinovic



"An army marches on its stomach" - claimed Napoleon. Tough the importance of soldiers in trenches and on the frontlines is beyond dispute, the Great War wasn’t won on the front. An US President W. Wilson was quoted saying after the war that "it was a victory thanks to wheat." The book does not show the Great War neither in the context of military nor war fronts, battles, countries at war. It rather focuses on common topics that show equal suffering and cruelty endured by people of all countries at war. The book shows that in any war both its winners and losers are in fact all defeated. In that sense, the book aimed to send an important anti–war message. The photomonography Bread in the Great War is 28 x 22 cm, 200 pages long, hardcover and contains 180 documentary photographs and illustrations. The publishers are: Publishing House "Prometheus" (Novi Sad) and Radio Television of Serbia (Belgrade).  MORE


Culture and history of bread in the Serbian region of Vojvodina.

Author: Dimitrije Vujadinović
Reviewers: Rasa Popov, poet; Bogdan Ibrajter, publicists, Lazar Popović, bakery technologist
Jun, 2016

Ovo je knjiga koja bi da sačuva veštinu spravljanja cipovke. Ona spada u nematerijalna kulturna dobra. A Dimitrije Vujadinović ju je napisao u okviru arhitekture budućnosti. Jednom će se sutrašnjim generacijama cipovka otkriti kao hrana srećnog i radosnog čoveka. Istovremeno, ovaj zapis je pohvala našim seoskim prabakama i majkama, a svojevrsni je uvod u istoriju pekarstva. Ona nas podseća da su naši stari poznavali trajan hleb bez aditiva. Nove tehnologije nisu uvek trijumf isključivo dobrih stvari! /Rasa Popov/


Hleb – mala antologija I

Bread - a small anthology I

Kratki tekstovi o žitu, mlinovima, pekarima i hlebu - autori:  Isabel Allende, Šarl Bodler, Daniel Defo, George Sand, Giuliana Biagioli, Wilhelm Grimm/Jacob Grimm, Franz Dolderer, Tomas Mann,  Massimo Montanari, Johan Volfang Gete, Albert Camus, Franz Kafka, Hermann Hesse, Wiliam Saroyan, Wolfang Borchert, Heinrich Boll, Štefan Cvajg …

Obredni i običajni hleb u Vojvodini

Ritual and traditional bread in Vojvodina

Knjiga  Obredni i običajni hleb u Vojvodini, priređivača Dimitrija Vujadinovića predstavlja značajan doprinos očuvanju nematerijalnog kulturnog nasleđa stanovništva Vojvodine.

Sacred Language of the Vlach Bread


Picture Paun S. Durlicmore »

Collection of Proverbs of all nations on Bread and Baking

J. H. Macadam


To sit at the table with honour, to break bread, to rise from the table with honesty: to bring good news,to take away better news. May God grant us this!

Bread is one of man's greatest discoveries. It is his basic food.  But bread is not only food. It is one of the most omnipresent symbols in the ethnology, cultures and religions. Bread is the symbol of hope, of honest toil, and of general wealth and well-being.  Rituals involving bread follow man through life, from his birth to his death. It is mentioned not only in many toasts, sayings, games and oaths but also in curses and imprecations.more »

Hleb sa pivom - Bread with beer

Hleb od piva uživa veliku popularnost u mnogim zemljama sveta i pravi se na bezbroj načina. U ovoj knjizi nalazi se pedeset recepata hleba koje ne možete da kupite u pekarama. To su recepti originalnih vrsta hlebova umešenih sa pivom i lekovitim travama, povrćem i voćem. Njihova osnovna karakteristika je u gastronomskoj izuzetnosti i nutricionističkoj vrednosti.

Šest hiljada godine hleba

Six thousand years of bread

Hajnrih Eduard Jakobimore »

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