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Dimitrije Vujadinovic with the Director of the Intellectual Property Office of Serbia Vladimir Maric and Silvija Trpovski IP WIPOIn the category for an author for a monographic work/study exhibition with a catalog in the field of social and humanistic sciences, went to Mr. Dimitrije Vujadinović, for the publication entitled: "BREAD IN PROVERBS AND SAYINGS OF THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD

 Explanation of the award

The publication Bread in proverbs and sayings of the peoples of the world by Dimitrije Vujadinović presents a kind of anthropological history of bread. Bread is one of the rare forms of culture that unites the prehistoric and modern world, and as such it is certainly a constant on which civilization rests. Therefore, this kind of journalistic significant contribution, behind which there is a great, "wolfish" collecting work, is of essential importance for the understanding of man and his survival in the world.  ....The author has collected more than a thousand concise anthropological thoughts dedicated to bread, which in

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Bread in Proverbs and Sayings of the Peoples of the World

NEW BOOK - Author, Dimitrije Vujadinovic

The publication Bread in Proverbs and Sayings of the Peoples of the World contains more than a thousand simple folk tales in a short form. Certainly there are countless more of this selectin. This is just one choice. I believe it is striking enough to show the expressed lived experience using bread not only as food, but also as a symbol and metaphor.

During the selection process, I tried to make sure that most of the proverbs and sayings carry temporal universality and thus be instructive for today's generations as well. But, in order to evoke some forgotten time, I also kept some older proverbs and sayings, which may be more difficult for the modern reader to understand. ....

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Museum of Vojvodina, August 10

Dimitrije Vujadinović gave a lecture on the history of traditional bread in Vojvodina - cipovka. At the end of the lecture, the attendees had the opportunity to try an old specialty - bread, fat, salt and ground red peppers. The audience was very interested in the lecture, and especially in the specialty....

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Your Bread Museum Atlas won at the Gourmand Awards in Umea, Sweden. You are Number 3 in category E08 Bread.    Edouard Cointreau, Chairman of the Awards Committee

“There is not a thing which is more positive than bread”. Dostoevski

Bread written in different languages

Bread Cultural Heritage


Bread is one of the greatest discoveries of human beings! There is no doubt that Bread is the most present food at table worldwide. But, Bread is not only food, it is a symbol of spirituality and reflection of cultural traditions. The secret of Bread lies in its true gastronomic, spiritual and cultural uniqueness. Religious Breads are present in every period of human life, from birth to death, end even after death. The story about  Breads is a story about the ethical and symbolic life of humans which has always been actual! Because of that this story should not be forgotten! 

Bread and Culture - World's Heritage is envisaged as a mosaic programme of research, information and educational projects, taking also into account the symbolical role Bread plays in our religious, cultures and everyday life. With those aims in mind we started to work on various long-term projects. 

The programme is officially a subsidiary  project of the "European Food Project" of ERICArts (European Research Institute for Comparative Cultural Policy and the Arts)

The programme has established a collaboration with:

 Internationa Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism - IGCAT
 Centre de Recherche et d`Etude de la Boulangerie Et des Ses Compagnonnages CREBESC
 The project  "Les civilisations du pain.