Great New Year's news

Velika novogodišnja vest


National Commissions for intangible cultural heritage has accepted the skills of making traditional Vojvodina bread - Cipovka, as  intangible heritage. 

Nacionalna komisija za nematerijalno  културно  nasleđe prihvatila je umeće pravljenja  tradicionalnog vojvođanskog hleba - cipovke, . more »

Presentation of the bread - Cipovka

Petar Kocic Library, Belgrade, November 04


About his experiences in the making of bread and special characteristics of the bread - Cipovka spoke Bogdan Ibrajter, publicist, editor Jovo Vukelić and Dimitrije Vujadinović author of the book - Cipovka. . more »

Pogaca and naan


On the occasion of Gandhi's birthday and the International Day of Non-Violence commemorative events held in front of the monument of Gandhi in Belgrade at 15 October . The event was attended by Jitendra Singh, Minister of State in the Government of India and Smt.Nirander Chauhan, the Ambassador of India. . more »

Gathering with professional bakers


Discussion and presentation of the book about traditional bread in Vojvodina - cipovka, there was at the Annual meeting of bakers and millers from Serbia held from 6 to 8 October in Novi Sad. The speakers were: Pavle Malesev, journalist and publicist, Sima Matic, editor and Dimitrije Vujadinovic, author of the book. Attendees had the opportunity to taste a slice of bread cipovka weighing seventh kilograms. . more »

The European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA)

On the proposal of the national selectors Serbian Museum of Bread - Jeremija competes for the prestigious award under the auspices of the Council of Europe - The European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA) 2017. .The rapporteur from the Council of Europe prof. dr Maria Mouliou visited the Museum. The founder and owner of the museum Slobodan Jeremić Jeremija was informed the guest with a collection and activities of the Serbian museum of bread. The meeting was also attended by wife Biljana Jeremic, daughter Jelena Jeremić, Dimitrije Vujadinović permanent associate of the museum and Danica Radovic, a journalist.




The story of the Mill

Priča o mlinu - Ruma, 13/07-13/08

Great Exhibition (24 panels - 70 x 100 cm) opened in Regional Museum in Rum.  . more »

Shakespeare and bread

Cortanovci/Indjija, 29/06-13/07

Thirdly a Shakespeare festival has been successfully completed. As in all previous years before the beginning of each show Festival Director Nikita Milivojevic and researcher Dimitrije Vujadinović . more »

Bread is made from the soul


 Predstavljena knjiga CIPOVKA. 

In the book store of the publishing house "Sluzbeni glasnik", one of the most prestigious bookstore in Belgrade, was presented publications Cipovka - bread smiles at the Moon. . more »

Serbian Bread Museum

Pecinci, 22.05.

 In the Serbian Bread Museum with the presence of many guests was celebrated Slava St. Nicholas (Celebration of Family Patron Saint’s Day). . more »

Night of Museums in Belgrade

Bread in the Great War - The Army Hall in Belgrade

During the Night of Museums exhibition Bread in the Great War was visited by about two thousand visitors. All visitors were able to taste the original military bread Tain made by recipe from the First World War. . more »

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