Bread in a Great War - Hleb u Velikom ratu - Le Pain dans la Grande Guerre

The Army Hall in Belgrade - Dom Vojske


 All interested will be able to see the exhibition until 21 May 2016  . more »

Exhibition Bread in a Great War

Indjija, 02/23 April


The exhibition Brad in the Great War has been opened in a unique Itaka Art Center in the city of Indjijamore »

Lecture - 6000 years of bread culture


Dimitrije Vujadinović lectured to students at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade on the topic - Culture of bread. . more »

The exhibition - Bread in WW1

Heritage Museum, Ruma, from 16 to 30 March 2016


In the presence of many visitors Dimitrije Vujadinović opened the exhibitionin  in the Heritage Museum, city Ruma (the province of Vojvodina). more »

Exhibition Bread in a Great War

Public library, Sivac, 24 November


 The exhibition in the presence of numerous visitors opened Sima Matic, Adviser in Zitojvodina. more »

Bread Smiles at the Moon - Cipovka

Secretariat of Economy of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina financially supported the continuation of the project - Cipovka in 2015.

»Le Pain dans la Grande Guerre» en Serbie aussi

Le Journal des Chiens  Blancs. (Avril 2015 / Numero 52) - L'an dernier, le musée du compagnonnage a été en contact avec M. Dimitrije VUJADINOVIC, directeur de la Fondation interrégionale BALKANKULT (culture balkanique), qui préparait aussi une exposition sur « Le Pain dans la Grande Guerre» . more »

Cipovka in Budapest

Presentation and tasting traditional bread from Vojvodina – cipovka , at the event Vojvodina recommends that was held on 26 February in Budapest .



New partner

Like sharing bread, like the welcoming bread and salt, like the smell of bread in a home, like our daily bread, as good as bread, we believe  a better world is possible, a world of support, solidarity, spiritual growth, self sustainability, empathy and collaboration. more »


The meeting in the pub Breadlovers led by Kamenko Katic, ethnologists, Bogdan Ibrajter, publicists, Rasa Popov, poet, Mirko Mitin, bakery and Dimitrije Vujadinović . more »

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