XXIII. Exhibition of Christmas Bread - Božičnjak in Subotica

Town Hall, Subotica - December 7-14


Associates to the Bread Cultural Heritage project have initiated activities to collect materials for application  skills of making traditional traditional Christmas bread of Bunjevaca (nations living in northern of Serbia) on the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Ethnological department "Blaško Rajić" at Catholic Society "Ivan Antunović" organized XXIII. an exhibition of Christmas breads. The opening of the exhibition took place on December 7 in the lobby of the Town Hall in Subotica. Traditional Christmas Exhibition has been held since 1997 on the eve of the most joyous Christian Christmas holiday.more »

Banat bread

On Sunday, September 29th


In Banat's new village in the north of Serbia, near the Romanian border, the fifth cultural event "Banat bread" was held. More than sixty types of traditional and ritual bread made in Banat are presented. .more »



Filming of the two documentaries - Bread as Symbol of the end of the Agrarian Cycle and Ritual and Traditional Bread in region Vojvodina, was started in August.  According to the screenplay by Dimitri Vujadinovic the film will be completed in the spring of next year.more »

Exposition à Belgrade


Notre ami et fidèle lecteur du journal des Chiens-blancs, Dimitrije Vujadinovic, chef de projet Pain Patrimoine culturel et membre de la Fondation serbe Balkankult, nous informe qu’il prépare une grande exposition sur le pain rituel et traditionnel de la région serbe Vojvodine. CREBESC .more »

RITUAL BREAD - Bread is the ornament of life

Panel discussion Tuesday, May 28 at 7 pm


Participants:Isak Asiel, Rabbi; Ph.D. Dimitrije Kalezić, Protojerej Stavrofor; Dragomir Antonic, ethnologist; Dimitrije Vujadinovic, culturologist. What is human life without ceremony and customs? .more »

A Collection of Proverbs of all Nations on Bread and Baking


Publication: A Collection of Proverbs of all Nations on Bread and Baking by J.H. Macadam can be downloaded from the site https://www.academia.edu. Editor in chief: Dimitrije Vujadinovic. .more »

Exhibition, Bread in the Great War

Cultural Center Obrenovac from 26 October to 11 November


The exhibition Bread in the Great War consisted of 22 panels showing documentary photographs and personal accounts, and one  LCD display. Vidoje Golubovic, president of the Association of Volunteers 1914-1918 and their descendants, opened the exhibition. .more »


Ethnological television film festival – FESTEF


For the best domestic film goes to the film “CIPOVKA – The Bread Smiling at Moon”, by JELENA VUKMANOVIC, produced by RTV, for richly documented and nicely weaved study on a particular kind of bread, cipovka, connecting different national traditions in Vojvodina, and being recently recognized as intangible cultural heritage of Serbia . The narrator in the film is Dimitrije Vujadinovic. .more »

Mills and Millers

Galery Hous of Djura Jaksic, from 12 to 22 September



Organized by Bread project the exhibition of Water mills and Millers, autroa Milutin Dedic painter, was opened  in the Gallery Djura Jaksic in the center of Belgrade. More than 80 drawings are shown. Dimitrije Vujadinović and the author spoke at the opening. .more »


Ethnographic Museum Belgrade, 30 August


Dimitrije Vujadinovic presented the traditional bread in Vojvodina - Cipovka.This bread that Laughs at the Moon is placed on the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. After the presentation, the participants could try a piece of Cipovka with pork fat, salt and red paprika. .more »

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