Exhibition Bread in a Great War

Public library, Sivac, 24 November


 The exhibition in the presence of numerous visitors opened Sima Matic, Adviser in Zitojvodina.more »

Bread Smiles at the Moon - Cipovka


Secretariat of Economy of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina financially supported the continuation of the project - Cipovka in 2015.

»Le Pain dans la Grande Guerre» en Serbie aussi


Le Journal des Chiens  Blancs. (Avril 2015 / Numero 52) - L'an dernier, le musée du compagnonnage a été en contact avec M. Dimitrije VUJADINOVIC, directeur de la Fondation interrégionale BALKANKULT (culture balkanique), qui préparait aussi une exposition sur « Le Pain dans la Grande Guerre» .more »

Cipovka in Budapest


Presentation and tasting traditional bread from Vojvodina – cipovka , at the event Vojvodina recommends that was held on 26 February in Budapest .more »


New partner


Like sharing bread, like the welcoming bread and salt, like the smell of bread in a home, like our daily bread, as good as bread, we believe  a better world is possible, a world of support, solidarity, spiritual growth, self sustainability, empathy and collaboration.more »



The meeting in the pub Breadlovers led by Kamenko Katic, ethnologists, Bogdan Ibrajter, publicists, Rasa Popov, poet, Mirko Mitin, bakery and Dimitrije Vujadinović .more »

Exhibition for Millers

Vrdnik, 5 and 6 November


On the occasion of the Annual meeting of Millers form Serbia in front of the congress hall exhibition Bread in the Great War was shown.more »

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