Mills and Millers

Galery Hous of Djura Jaksic, from 12 to 22 September


Organized by Bread project the exhibition of Water mills and Millers, autroa Milutin Dedic painter, was opened  in the Gallery Djura Jaksic in the center of Belgrade. More than 80 drawings are shown. Dimitrije Vujadinović and the author spoke at the opening. ....

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Ethnographic Museum Belgrade, 30 August

Dimitrije Vujadinovic presented the traditional bread in Vojvodina - Cipovka.This bread that Laughs at the Moon is placed on the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. After the presentation, the participants could try a piece of Cipovka with pork fat, salt and red paprika. ....

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Culture of the kitchen

Gallery Rajko Mamuzića, Novi Sad, May 26th

The book "Food Healthy, Fine Food (Without Gluten and Casein)", author Jasenka Lazic, is a modern cookbook which presents 70 richly illustrated recipes that do not contain sugar, meat, gluten or casein, milk protein.The book contains ten completely new recipes for preparing bread. On the promotion of book spoke Dimitrije Vujadinović....

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SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL 2018 (June 28 to July 3)

Tradition continues

International theatre festival, one of a kind in this part of Europe, presents contemporary world productions of William Shakespeare’s plays. Before each show the actors are served with specially prepared flat bread (pogaca) and salt as a sign of welcome and wishing for the success of the show. Pogaca was served by Dimitrije Vujadinovic  and  Nikita Milivojevic, director of the Festival.

Dreams Come True (Switzerland / France / Spain) The Q Brothers (Chicago, USA) - Q GENTS THE MERCHANT OF VENICE - Shakespeare Company Berlin

“There is not a thing which is more positive than bread”. Dostoevski

Bread written in different languages

Bread Cultural Heritage


Bread is one of the greatest discoveries of human beings! There is no doubt that Bread is the most present food at table worldwide. But, Bread is not only food, it is a symbol of spirituality and reflection of cultural traditions. The secret of Bread lies in its true gastronomic, spiritual and cultural uniqueness. Religious Breads are present in every period of human life, from birth to death, end even after death. The story about  Breads is a story about the ethical and symbolic life of humans which has always been actual! Because of that this story should not be forgotten! 

Bread and Culture - World's Heritage is envisaged as a mosaic programme of research, information and educational projects, taking also into account the symbolical role Bread plays in our religious, cultures and everyday life. With those aims in mind we started to work on various long-term projects. 

The programme is officially a subsidiary  project of the "European Food Project" of ERICArts (European Research Institute for Comparative Cultural Policy and the Arts)

The programme has established a collaboration with:

 Internationa Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism - IGCAT
 Centre de Recherche et d`Etude de la Boulangerie Et des Ses Compagnonnages CREBESC
 The project  "Les civilisations du pain.